smart brabus fortwo 453 cabrio

First thing I did was checking the weather forecast after I read about getting a smart BRABUS fortwo cabrio – and it predicted pure sunshine. The weather was great during the whole weekend but still was freezing cold. This nevertheless didn’t stop me from driving open. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes, right?

First stop was Heidelberg before heading to Mannheim. In Heidelberg we stopped at the castle for a quick walk enjoying the sunshine.

On sunday we drove back to Heidelberg, all the way up to Königstuhl and found beautiful roads in the forest. With some snow left and the sunlight this scenery looked so lovely.

The last stop on our way home was Pforzheim, where we decided to skip the Autobahn and drive through the countryside back to Stuttgart, which was definitely the best idea. I loved driving the smart BRABUS in the S(port) mode and even though it was a cabrio all of the photography stuff fit perfectly into the trunk.

Before returning the smart I stopped in Stuttgart for a final picture with an urban and clean background.